Researchers are invited to contribute papers and reports that bear upon and enfold the field of entrepreneurship theory and practice, some indicative themes are:

Entrepreneurship Theory

  • Cognitive Theories of Entrepreneurship
  • Family Business Entrepreneurship Theories
  • Social Entrepreneurship Theories
  • Entrepreneurial Intention, Motivation and Behaviour
  • Theories on Innovation, Leadership
  • Entrepreneurial Team

Entrepreneurship Policy

  • Entrepreneurship Policy and Governance
  • Start-Up & Innovation Policy
  • Entrepreneurship Ecosystems
  • Entrepreneurship Support Systems
  • Government’s Initiatives on Entrepreneurship Development
  • Entrepreneurship Policy for Disadvantaged Sections

Entrepreneurship Education and Capacity Building

  • Entrepreneurship Education
  • Entrepreneurship: Teaching Learning Process
  • Innovative Pedagogy in Entrepreneurship Education and Capacity Building
  • Capacity Building for Entrepreneurship Development
  • Start-ups, Incubators and Accelerators

Functional Areas of Entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurship Finance
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Internationalising Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • Value Proposition and Business Modelling
  • Managing and Growing Entrepreneurial Venture
  • Sustaining New and Existing Enterprises

Manifestations of Entrepreneurship

  • Women’s Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship
  • Trans-generational Entrepreneurship (Family Business)
  • Trans-Indian Entrepreneurship
  • Regional and International Entrepreneurship
  • Development Sector Entrepreneurship
  • Social Entrepreneurship

MSME Entrepreneurship

  • Cluster Entrepreneurship
  • MSME Competitiveness & Growth
  • Business Development Services in MSMEs
  • MSME Internationalization
  • Digital MSMEs and Technological Upgradation
  • Globalizing MSMEs

Entrepreneurship Context

  • Biotechnology Entrepreneurship
  • Agriculture Entrepreneurship
  • Technology Entrepreneurship
  • Digitalization Entrepreneurship
  • Green Entrepreneurship
  • Tourism Entrepreneurship
  • Inclusive Entrepreneurship
  • Traditional Healthcare & Wellness Entrepreneurship

In addition to this, there will be special invited address (by eminent academicians) and symposiums (on various themes). There will be special opportunity for doctoral students (in the Doctoral colloquium) to discuss about their research with senior academicians as well.

For paper submission guidelines and deadlines please click on announcement.