The Ninth National Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship, organised by the Institute during February 16 -18, 2011 was inaugurated by Shri Jay Narayan Vyas, Hon’ble Minister of Health, Family Welfare and Tourism, Govt. of Gujarat. This three-day Conference was attended by over 150 academicians, practitioners and researchers, engaged in the field of Entrepreneurship, from prestigious national and international institutions.

In his welcome address Dr. Dinesh Awasthi, Director-EDI introduced ShriJay Narayan Vyas to the august gathering, renowned Economist, Politician and Policymaker who has played a key role as an academician and a leader. Dr. Awasthi felt that the scenario of entrepreneurship was undergoing significant changes and the need, therefore, was to research the emerging trends and patterns. He hoped that this Conference would serve as a platform to researchers and academicians from across the world to generate productive, enlightening and exciting responses, and will provide an opportunity to professors, practitioners and thinkers in India and abroad to assimilate, communicate and disperse their experiences and experiments.

Over 270 papers were submitted for the conference. Of these 117 selected papers were presented at the Conference on themes viz., Entrepreneurship Education, Women Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Small and Medium Enterprises, Micro-Enterprises, Innovation, Agripreneurship, etc. Seven papers by International delegates from countries like Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Kenya, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia will also present the papers. Twenty Ph.D./Research Scholars in entrepreneurship are actively participating in the conference. The Conference was attended by 150 delegates.

The process of globalization has infused a new dimension of competitiveness and inflow of foreign investment, a fact which he said necessitated holding such conferences such as the present one, as it would go a long way in strengthening the inputs that reach out to potential entrepreneurs. The Chief Guest felt that this Conference would unfold more than one aspect about entrepreneurship, prompt changes, make it easier and appealing for the masses so that they harness the potential that lies in the expanding manufacturing and the services sectors. The Chief Guest concluded with his best wishes to the delegates and EDI for its work.

Abstracts and Full Papers of 9th Biennial Conference may be accessed by following this link and to download the 9th Biennial Conference Report click here.