Entrepreneurship is all about the readiness to take risks, create structures and handle a business with a dynamic mindset. In India, entrepreneurship and start-up activities have grown immensely over the last two decades Not only there is a huge advancement in the technology and innovation sector but the ease of finding source for funds and capital has encouraged more and more people to take to start-ups. Entrepreneurship is certainly creating an atmosphere of excitement in the world. From family businesses to innovative start-ups and social enterprises, entrepreneurship has come a long way. Research in the area has been a major factor that has brought the trends and nuances to the fore and has ensured interventions in the right areas. Over the past 24 years, the Biennial Conferences on Entrepreneurship have been organised by the Centre for Research in Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CREED) at EDII to probe the various aspects of entrepreneurship and to bring the researchers from the nation and across the world on a common platform. This year, the Thirteenth Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship was held at EDII during February 20-22,2019. The 13th International Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship as inaugurated by Padma Shri Late Dr. V. G. Patel, Noted Expert on Entrepreneurship and Founder & Former Director of EDII, Ahmedabad. The three-day Conference witnessed over 235 academicians, practitioners, thinkers and researcher engaged in the field of Entrepreneurship from prestigious national and international institutions. Over 300 papers were received, out of which 147 papers were accepted including 16 papers from international academicians from countries like Bangladesh, France, Iran, Israel, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Switzerland and Russia.

Abstracts and Full Papers of 13th Biennial Conference may be accessed by clicking this link and to download the 13th Biennial Conference Report click here.