EDI hosted the Sixth Biennial Conference on Advances and Trends in Entrepreneurship Research during 9-11 February, 2005 with an aim to provide a forum for researchers, educationists and professionals to share their research findings and experiences in the field of entrepreneurship. The Conference was inaugurated on 9th February 2005 with Dr. V.G. Patel, Former Vice- President and Director, EDI as the Chief Guest.

In the inaugural function Dr. Dinesh Awasthi, Director, EDI. pointed out the need to bring out Research in Entrepreneurship from this nascent stage and devise a mechanism to promote it further. He called this Biennial Conference a huge step in this direction. Dr. Awasthi also focussed on increasing thrust of EDI on Research, adding that this is the only way which can make the efforts sustaining. Promising EDI’s support, Director invited young researchers to take up entrepreneurship as a subject and contribute to expanding its frontiers.

Dr. V’G. Patel in his inaugural address began by giving an overview of the gradual creation of an environment of entrepreneurship.  Highlighting the factors that inhibited people from taking up entrepreneurship as a desirable option, Dr. Patel emphasized on the need for training in entrepreneurship. This training broke certain myths, associated with entrepreneurship, informed Dr. Patel, also at this point, emphasizing on the emergence of a cadre of trainer-motivators. He announced that there are around 1000 EDI trained trainers in the country who are devoted to the task of promoting entrepreneurship and that they must be recognized. Today’s youth, in particular, said Dr. Patel, shy away from taking up Entrepreneurship as a desirable career option as finance for them is a major constraint. But he added that besides the financial constraints, non-financial ones such as; lack of motivation, adequate information on business know-how and its management are also some of the important factors, which are viewed as hindering.

The 72 research papers presented focused on the following areas:

  • Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship in Global Economy
  • Informal Sector and Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship Models and Theories
  • Socio-Psychological Dimensions of Entrepreneurship
  • Operational and Managerial Issues in Entrepreneurship
  • Local Governance and Entrepreneurship Communities Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • NGOs and Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship Development and Entrepreneurship Education Programmes

Abstracts and Full Papers of 6th Biennial Conference may be accessed by following this link and to download the 6th Biennial Conference Report click here.