The Eleventh 3-day Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship was inaugurated by Prof. Dwijendra Tripathi, (Eminent Business Historian), Kasturbhai Lalbhai Chair Professor of Business History and Entrepreneurship (Emeritus), IIMAhmedabad, on February 18th, 2015 at EDI. The Biennial Conference which is being organized since 1994 testifies the Institute’s pursuit of excellence and contribution to entrepreneurship education, training and institution building within India and internationally

Dr. Dwijendra Tripathi inaugurated the conference and talked about the evolution of entrepreneurship into a promising yet challenging discipline. Dr. Tripathi began by stating how Entrepreneurship as a concept had originated in the discipline of Economics to explain the locus and manifestations of economic aspirations of which a business is a major part.

The conference began with the welcome address of Dr. Dinesh Awasthi, Director – EDI. Dr. Awasthi. He added that economic development emerged as a major social concern after the Second World War but these were less concerned with constitutes of entrepreneurship and more with what makes an entrepreneur; the distinguishing traits of entrepreneurs, and how to develop these traits. “In the process, entrepreneur and entrepreneurship came out of the secluded corners of Economics books and became a more commonplace phenomenon, encompassing any innovative, purposive activity, not necessarily aiming at tangible monetary gains,” informed Dr. Tripathi. “The terms entrepreneur and entrepreneurship,” he added, “lost the technical connotation and assumed a more generic meaning to connote uncommon accomplishments in any sphere of human activity.”

Abstracts and Full Papers of 11th Biennial Conference may be accessed by following this link and to download the 11th Biennial Conference Report click here.