Entrepreneurship in India has gathered pace, making the country one of the top Startup hubs globally. Today people are open to entrepreneurship as a career option. Students for prestigious institutions are opting out of the placement process to set up their own venture. Entrepreneurship has come a long way from family firms to ambitious startups and social enterprises. One potent reason behind increasing faith in this discipline is meaningful research which has promoted changes and has it known to the wide society that the domain abounds with opportunities. Research in the realm of entrepreneurship has been a significant force that illustrated patterns and complexities in this sector, and ensured this in mind, EDII’s Center for Research in Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CREED) has been organizing Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship for the past 24 years to explore the different facets of entrepreneurship and to provide a platform to Scholars from across the nation and the world to share their finding. During February 25-27, 2021, the Institute hosted the 14th Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship.

Abstracts and Full Papers of the 14th Biennial Conference may be accessed by clicking this link and to download the 14th Biennial Conference Report click here.